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baby1st test: A small test, producing big benefits
baby1st test is a simple newborn screening test that screens newborn babies for rare but serious, genetic and metabolic disorders that are life-threatening and congenital in nature. When these disorders are detected and treated at birth, most babies can develop normally and lead healthy lives.

The tests are performed when a baby is 48 – 72 hours old and is done by taking a few drops of blood from the baby’s heel and spotted on a special filter paper card. After the blood is dried, the card is sent to Acquity Labs where several different tests are performed.
What makes baby1st test special ?
  • Test is simple and inexpensive.
  • Reliable screen test and low false negative.
  • Quick results are available to start effective therapy.
  • Definite follow-up test (means that the disease detected by first simple test have more tests in the form of second tier test and confirmatory as to assure its presence.
  • Most the disorders are treatable.